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God Goes to a
Scary Movie!

St. Francis Day Pet Blessing

Pastor Jaime blessing Mary's dog Belle, and Marshall's
. . . uh, snakes

Like being scared?

Celebrate Halloween a little early by joining us for a scary movie at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 30.

Popcorn will be provided.

Origins of All
Hallows Eve

Halloween had its beginnings in an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead. The Celtic peoples, who were once found all over Europe, divided the year by four major holidays. According to their calendar, the year began on a day corresponding to November 1st on our present calendar. The date marked the beginning of winter. Since they were pastoral people, it was a time when cattle and sheep had to be moved to closer pastures and all livestock had to be secured for the winter months. Crops were harvested and stored. The date marked both an ending and a beginning in an eternal cycle. (From The American Folklife Center. Continue reading here.)


So, is God now here, or nowhere? It's an old word trick, but worth considering. If God is nowhere, then there is not much point in reading on. But if God is now here, where might that be? Wherever you are, of course: in your home, in the library, at work, while you sleep, at the bar, at the grocery store, in trouble, in pain, homeless, joyful, in love, in heartbreak. If God is now here, then there is, as the Psalms say, nowhere to flee from God's presence. And that includes those broken places we find ourselves in, not just the happy places. When Jesus cried from the cross, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?," it seemed God was nowhere. But it was precisely there God that was, in the flesh, on the cross, completely one with our own suffering.

I don't know exactly what that might mean for you, except to say that as the semester rolls on and the pressures grow, it may seem God is growing distant. But how we feel isn't the measure to take. The measure is in the promise of God in Christ to be with us always, the assurance that even in the valley of the shadow, we are not alone. You may not always feel God is now here, but the promise remains. Indeed, you can count on this; when things seem to be the worst, God is holding you the tightest. That's love for you, and it's now here for you. Enjoy it and celebrate it with us in worship this Sunday night at 7:00.


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